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What is Spiritual / Energy Healing?

By:Helen and Andrew Hain
Date: Fri,01 Apr 2022
Submitter:Andrew Hain

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What is Spiritual / Energy Healing?

This article is designed to throw some light on a topic which has interested Helen from childhood. Different approaches to Spiritual / Energy Healing are briefly described as are the parts played by both therapist and client.

Some questions are approached such as “Is healing always appropriate?”, “What are the obligations of Therapist and Client?” and “How can each of us assist our own healing and spiritual awakening?”

Helen’s story: From very early childhood until aged 7 I was very much aware of the healing my maternal grandfather received from Christian Science Practitioners. After his passing there was no further contact with Christian Science but as an adult I was aware of my mother’s interest in Christian Science in her later life. After her passing I took possession of Christian Science literature. Over the years I have experienced Christian Science healing for various physical problems and was both grateful and amazed at the quick relief with no medical intervention. I have never been prepared to commit to Christian Science as if I became seriously ill and in great pain I would opt for allopathic medicine.

As a mother of three very young children I was treated by a Spiritual Healer at a Spiritualist Church and was cured within a few weeks of a longstanding eczema problem on my hands. This eczema caused me great stress having to frequently wash my hands as I looked after the children.

It is interesting how one thing can lead to another. From this I was led to the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and attended many informative lectures. It was here that Andrew and I and one of our children derived benefit from spiritual healing. From there I found myself drawn to the Lucis Trust where I was able to borrow books on the teaching neo-theosophist Alice Bailey. I was also drawn to the theosophical teaching of H P Blavatsky through attending lectures at the Theosophical Society.

Having been brought up in the Christian Church (we still like to visit churches) we were aware that the Church taught many basic themes, such as unconditional love and forgiveness, common to many other religions. However, we realized that the Church’s teaching on the afterlife did not fit our beliefs and would not save us after death. Around the 3rd century the Church, in order to gain power, dropped the idea of reincarnation, a belief that had come to make sense to us. We realized our personal responsibility for how we lead our life and thus we continued to consider how a spiritual approach would benefit us.

Andrew’s story: Similar to Helen I was brought up in the Presbyterian Church, attended Boys’ Brigade, Bible Class, and Sunday School. Like Helen, the Church’s teaching did not really resonate within me. In my later teenage years I was drawn to the more esoteric subjects, especially the Mystery Schools such as the Rosicrucians, but my interest never progressed further than believing that was more to life than what the Church was teaching.

I didn’t have much experience of healing except from what Helen told me about Christian Science, although I never pursued that either. However, being a witness to the benefits gained by Helen from spiritual healing engendered a deep interest, and I, too, benefited from this modality when suffering from ME. This led to my becoming a probationer healer at an NFSH healing venue but chose instead to go down the Reiki route.

Joint story: During the late 1990’s we both underwent Reiki training and became Reiki Masters. Shortly afterwards Andrew suffered a life threatening illness and underwent surgery. Although all went well his return to work was made stressful by his employer’s approach and he had further periods of ill health because of it. Life was difficult with periods of half pay and periods of no pay at all. Healing was not bringing permanent benefit. Our difficulties led us to criticizing all those in power who seemed to want Andrew to resign or just go away.

We were guided to look at the Spiritual Laws and sat in meditation each day, asking for guidance. We realized we had to stop judging and blaming others and instead send them unconditional love and forgiveness. The result wasn’t immediate but we were obviously being tested. Suddenly, Andrew was offered medical retirement which was the best solution for all involved.

Our difficult experience and also our interest in the Spiritual Laws (which had contributed to the resolution of the work problem) led to us self publishing our first book, “Living the Spiritual Laws for Health and Abundance” which we hoped would inspire and benefit many others. We developed workshops and courses. We have also produced a “Making Changes” workshop which is very much based on applying the Spiritual Laws to life’s problems and suffering.

Our approach has been to encourage students and client to take responsibility for dealing with difficulties and illness and not to simply rely on practitioners and teachers. It is important to understand that everything happens for a reason and that there are lessons to be learned.

We have been happy to share our experiences to encourage others to take a Spiritual approach to problems. We realized we were accumulating Karma when being critical and judgmental. When we changed our thoughts to unconditional love and trusting that our situation would work out things did change giving us a more peaceful and satisfying life. This shows how transmuting Karma that is blocking progress to a positive outcome is possible. Viewing the negative situation as a lesson was an opportunity for change and led to our decision to share our approach with others. We are grateful to all who have contributed to our spiritual development.

We went back to teaching Reiki and realized we were teaching the basics we had been taught, namely hand positions and symbols: no spiritual guidance had been imparted. We then expanded our Reiki teaching to include our course on Spiritual Laws which we hoped would benefit our students and, later on, their clients.

We have used our personal difficult situation to bring benefit to others through our books and teaching. This shows how something negative can be used for positive purposes. This is being of selfless service to thers going through their own difficulties. We have all incarnated with a unique talent, and when we identify this we can assist others.

Spiritual Healing is about treating the whole person on all levels ie physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and is intended to restore balance and harmony.

The Healer understands we are all spiritual beings and is a channel for the Universal Life Force Energy. The energy will go to where it is needed and is generally not directed to particular symptoms. However some healers work in this way. If healing is only directed at a physical level symptoms will often return.

Spiritual Healing brings most benefit when the client is assisted to understand that there is more to us than meets the eye. Our physical, emotional and mental bodies constitute our personality. It is our Soul / Higher Self which is eternal and by gaining an understanding that we are all part of the One Life, that we are on a spiritual journey back to God / Creator there is a desire to connect with our true being that knows what is right for us.

It is important to have an understanding that our Soul reincarnates over many lifetimes to evolve and has a new and appropriate personality for each birth which will give us the right opportunities to learn and evolve. It is helpful to have some understanding regarding reincarnation and karma as this can be the source of many of the complaints for which we seek healing. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect and the basics of this appear in many religions, particularly Buddhism and other Eastern religions. The same teaching appears in the Bible which states “as ye sow so shall ye reap.” This means whatever we give out, both good and bad, will return although not necessarily in our current lifetime, or in the same manner.

Karma is not punishment but ensures justice and is God’s Law which will eventually teach us so that we will return to that Oneness of Life. When we understand Karma we gain an insight regarding our sufferings even although we will never know the reason. Past life memories are very rare. This is why it is important not to treat symptoms but to consider the person as a whole. It is helpful if the healer has an understanding of Karma and can enlighten the client.

Illness is often attributed to lifestyle such as stress, relationships, poor diet, etc. These factors should also be addressed by the healer. All this involves the client in the healing process and will encourage them to take responsibility for their wellbeing.

It is health issues which often lead people to seek healing and it is important to encourage them to ask themselves questions such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” It is helpful if the healer allows time to chat with the clients. Unfortunately many healers go straight to healing without much interaction with clients. Healing is never guaranteed and blame must not be put on the healer. It may be that Karma has to worked out and lessons learned. As explained in our article “Thoughts about healing” (see website) there may be secondary gains that block healing. Another reason for no benefit to be apparent is in the case of critical illness and it is time for liberation of the Soul from the physical body. This may be the best outcome for the client but nevertheless healing may assist the client in finding peace and acceptance.

The healer’s work is to be of service to those in need and by guiding client to take their thoughts to a higher level will help them to reach enlightenment and understand how they can continue spiritual practices at home.

All the above involves time to discuss clients’ needs, explain the treatment and the importance to take time at home to connect with their Soul / Higher Self. Reading spiritual texts assists in raising consciousness to a higher level. Consideration of changes in lifestyle also requires attention. Many healing sessions do not allow time to advise clients on working on their spiritual side at home. The healer may not be advanced enough spiritually. Listening to the client is also vital. However all this takes time and time costs money which often accounts for lack of spiritual guidance. Healing space is expensive so treatment costs can go beyond the limit for many people. However, some healers work on a donation basis such as in Spiritualist churches and tthis makes healing available to all. A word of warning: some healers are mediums and will give clairvoyant advice along with the healing treatment. This is done with the best of intentions but do take on board only what resonates within you.

There are many methods of treatment which can be termed energy or spiritual healing and just as many views on the subject. The concept of energy healing is ancient. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, including Acupuncture, consider that a form of life giving energy flows throughout the body and that illnesses occur as a result of blockages, excesses, or irregularities in its flow. One of the main “modern” treatments which is worthy of mention is Christian Science which was “discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in the late 19th century. She set up the Christian Science Church and trained practitioners in her form of prayer healing.

This affirmative prayer is to spiritualise the thought of the client. Thought is energy and thus a change to positive thinking raises the vibration of the body’s subtle energies. Clients are reminded that they are totally spiritual, created in the image and likeness of God, and disease is not physical, but mental error. Christian Scientists do not resort to medication or medical intervention. Science of Mind healing was introduced by Ernest Holmes, and is similar to Christian Science. However, he saw no problem with medication. Neither Eddy nor Holmes addressed the issue of Karma.

As regards these “mind cure” approaches Madame Blavatsky, in her Theosophical writings, could see nothing spiritual in them. She argued that it was dangerous for a “healer” to try to mentally force a client to change his or her mind in regard to “wrong beliefs”. She considered this as “black magic”. She also criticized Christian Science for failing to consider Karma which, as previously mentioned, can be the cause of illness and suffering.

Madame Blavatsky also saw practitioners as working for financial gain. We cannot agree with this as fees we have been charged have been much lower than other therapists’ fees. We understand Blavatsky’s view on Karma but we believe most healers, no matter their approach, are genuine in their desire to alleviate suffering.

Alice Bailey, a 20th century neo-Theosophist, took spiritual healing to a higher esoteric level which is very involved. She believed, as Blavatsky did, that it was possible to interfere with Karma. Nevertheless, she advised that a request for healing should never be refused.

The following quote by Alice Bailey resonated within us: “Above everything else in life give to all who seek your aid and the fullest measure of love, for love releases, love adjusts and interprets, and love heals on all three planes.

The above quote reminded us of one by Mary Baker Eddy in her Science and Health textbook. “Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way”.

It is interesting to note that both of these ladies had a very Christian background and there are echoes of St Paul’s famous quote, found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

Surely unconditional love and forgiveness must be the essential and most important ingredients in a healing session.

How Can We Help Ourselves?

If we sit back and expect healers to meet all our healing needs then no progress can ensue. This is giving our personal power to others and taking no responsibility for improving our situation. If we understand our true identity is spiritual we can accept that God’s qualities such as power, love and light lie within us waiting to be accessed.

Here are a few suggestions that are helpful for self development and healing.

1. Buddhism
Buddhists acknowledge that we all have the Buddha nature within. However, it’s importance to raise our consciousness through meditation and other techniques such as showing unconditional love and compassion to all, and being willing to assist those in need. The positive Karma created through thoughts, words and deeds brings benefit to all involved.
Buddhism teaches suffering comes from our attachments and desires. By practising the 4 Noble Truths and Eightfold Path enlightenment is attained. It is worth exploring these on the many helpful internet sites available. The same basic truths appear in major religions, although worded differently.

2. Dealing with stress
Stress causes ill health and can come from many sources eg work, relationships, lack of sleep to name but a few. If not addressed these issues can lead to serious health problems. Our Spiritual Approach to Stress Workshop and also our Course link application of the Spiritual Laws to personal issues for a more peaceful and healthy life, not just for ourselves but for all others involved.
Looking for lessons being presented and being grateful for everything, even for the difficulties, allows us to learn and evolve. Thus transformation can take place.

3. Spiritual journal
Keeping a spiritual journal assists in monitoring progress and guidance on this is available in articles on our website.

4. Meditation, Visualisation and Affirmation
Taking time daily for meditation raises our consciousness to a higher level. Spiritual Affimations are helpful and are best when accompanied by Visualisation. All these go hand in hand with Journal keeping and assist in keeping our thoughts at a higher level. Thoughts are energy and affect our emotions and actions, thus creating our reality.

5. Gratitude
When health issues and other forms of suffering arise it is best to let these come naturally without becoming stressed, angry and blaming God or others for these setbacks. This avoids building up negative Karma. Be grateful for the lessons and opportunities and plan a peaceful approach which may involve dealing with current stress or applying Spiritual Laws to bring about a positive outcome, thereby preventing more suffering from arising.

6. Attitudinal Healing
Healing is achieved by letting go of fear, changing negative thoughts to positive loving ones and loving others as ourselves. Instead of judging others and focusing on their faults, seeing yourself as a victim, inner peace is achieved. When we acknowledge the Law of Oneness we accept others as spiritual brothers and sisters. We are then able to put other Spiritual Laws into practice.
Joshua David Stone gives excellent guidance on this topic in his book “Soul Psychology”.

7. Raising consciousness
Reading spiritual literature and having like minded friends helps to assist maintaining our consciousness at a higher level, making it easier to take a more loving approach to issues that confront us.

8. Silver Violet Flame
Ascended Master St Germain gave the Silver Violet Flame mantra to Alice Bailey for us to use to transmute negative energies to a higher vibration. These higher vibrations can be sent to help transmute current and past life negative Karma to benefit those we have hurt or who have hurt us. It is recommended that the website of the Summit Lighthouse is worth visiting for guidance on the use of this mantra.

9. General
Disassociate from groups to which, and individuals to whom, we are overly attached and have a negative outlook.
Drop grievances we feel towards others.
Send compassion to those we have offended and ask that we might be forgiven.
Seek out like minded people.

10. The Law of Grace
The Law of Grace concerns God’s mercy and tells us we have not been left alone without divine assistance. By invoking this Law we connect with God’s mercy. However, we have to play our part by forgiving those who have hurt us and asking for God’s guidance to overcome our sufferings. It has already been stated that what we give out returns. Therefore, as we give out Unconditional Love and forgiveness to others God’s grace will be received. Our Karma will still return to us but will be transmuted to a higher frequency causing us less pain and misery than we would otherwise experience.

Deepak Chopra reminds his readers of what is termed “the Golden Rule” which appears in the Bible although the same message appears in other religions. It can be found in the Bible at Matthew7:2 which states “therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them; for this is the law and the prophets”. Chopra follows this quote with excellent advice: “if you contemplate the Golden Rule it turns out to be an injunction to live by Grace rather than what you think others deserve”.

The Spiritual Laws have been given to help us evolve spiritually. It is whenever we ignore them that we experience all kinds of negativity and suffering through creating negative Karma.

Joshua David Stone, in his book “Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing”, reminds us that the Law of Grace has been given for our spiritual evolution. He states that, “the Law of Grace is what we experience when living by God’s Laws, Karma is the result of breaking the Law”. He explains that “the Law of Grace is learning the easy way and the Law of Karma is learning by the School of Hard Knocks”.

It is worthwhile to study the Spiritual Laws and continually monitor how we are applying them to our daily lives thus avoiding the creation of negative Karma in this lifetime. This is where a journal can be really useful for giving insights into our daily experiences and interactions with others. This provides a guide to making positive changes.

See problems as opportunities to grow spiritually and choose positive reactions to difficult situations. This benefits others as well as ourselves. Look to the Spiritual Laws for guidance when negative issues confront you. Meditate and look to your Higher Self for answers. All that is needed is the courage to put the Spiritual Laws into practice.

A word about dealing with Karma: it is important not to blindly accept the many and varying beliefs of others as regards dissolving negative Karma. Some believe this is possible whilst others accept it can only be transmuted to a higher vibrational energy, making the impact easier to handle. You may have heard the statement, “No one has a monopoly of the truth” : keep this in mind remembering that truth is within and not simply what others tell us.

The problem with spiritual / energy healing to date is that the mechanism for healing is unknown, that is, there is no scientific proof of it, and thus it is not yet readily accepted in orthodox healthcare situations. Much of the time it is regarded with suspicion, although there have been some breakthroughs for modalities such as massage and Reiki in some settings.

However, the future of spiritual (from Latin “spiritus” = breath of life) / energy healing looks very interesting. Through the principles of quantum physics the ancient traditions of healing all work with the body’s subtle energy systems.

Human beings are all connected in a quantum manner (entanglement) by the transfer of particles to each other. In realizing this, that we are all connected irrevocably to each other and indeed to all that there is, it is important that we become more mindful of the company we keep and not be in close proximity to negative individuals.

Jack Angelo, who is a national trainer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and who has written many books on healing, says “The fundamental underlying philosophy of spiritual healing centres on the notion of connectedness of all at an energetic level, which is now supported by quantum physics.” (“Your Healing Power” 2001)

There are still those in the scientific and medical communities who are not convinced that spiritual / energy healing brings benefits, and many experiments and much research is being conducted. In the future it is expected that medical universities will be incorporating these new advances in quantum science as part of an integrative vision of medicine which incorporates conventional and traditional, alternative practices.

Finally, there is so much we can do to transform our lives. It isn’t easy but well worth the effort which leads to inner peace, healing and fulfillment. It is often helpful to seek the assistance of an appropriate healer or spiritual teacher who can provide support, guidance and encouragement. It is then possible to go forth in service to others thereby putting the Spiritual Law of Purpose into action. Each of us has incarnated with a a unique gift to be of service to others. Life is not just about personal transformation but is about sharing the wisdom we have gained with those who are ready to accept the guidance we can offer. This is what we have explained in the introduction. Benefits are gained as steps as taken to avoid accumulating negative Karma through taking personal responsibility for our lives.

When serving others, intentions are important and assistance must be offered with unconditional love, expecting nothing in return and not performed to impress others.

This is where true healing begins.

Helen and Andrew Hain

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