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Spirit and Distant Healing Part 26 The Healing Mediumship of Isa Northage and Dr. Reynolds

By:Richard Rolwey
Date: Thu,28 Apr 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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Spirit and Distant Healing (26) Isa and Ivy Northage and Edgar Cayce

Isa Northage the physical medium and healer was born in the 1890s and lived in and around Nottingham all her life and married a serviceman, Jack Northage, after WW I.

Ivy Northage, also a well-known trance and transfiguration medium, was born Ivy Margaret Fitzpatrick in Middlesbrough in 1909. When she was only three months old, her father was killed in an accidents at the steelworks where he worked, and the family moved to London where Ivy lived for the rest of her life. She married a butcher's son, Stanley Northage, in 1927 and raised a family.

Both mediums came from families with interests in music and drama, but otherwise they are not related and there is no connection between them. Their work has been well documented in books, reports, affidavits and articles appearing in The Psychic News and Two Worlds.I will be quoting from these in future articles. There is no doubt that these were honest, hard-working, dedicated and totally reliable and authentic mediums working for spirit and the spreading of spiritual knowledge.

Ivy is well-known to the SAGB and students of the College of Psychic Studies where she herself trained many mediums. She continued working until her 88th year, when illness forced her to retire and she passed in 2002 at the age of 92.

This series is concerned with spirit healing, so we will continue here with accounts of Isa's work in that field. Her dramatic and really phenomenal physical mediumship will be reported on in the series about physical mediumship, where her work compares favorably with her contemporary in the USA, the materialisation medium Lula Taber, and also with Edgar Cayce, the trance medium and healer.

Isa Northage worked with a spirit doctor as a guide, very much like Edgar Cayce. However there is a difference in their methods. Cayce would lie in trance and the spirit doctor would dictate notes to the secretary, diagnosing the cases accurately and prescribing treatments and giving instructions, which the patients took home and carried out for themselves. These files of notes were later compiled into reference books for healing which have been published and consulted by many people since the 1940s.

Isa Northage was working at the same time as Edgar Cayce, but her Dr. Reynolds provided the hands-on approach of psychic surgery, as will be seen in the following accounts. This type of physical and materialisation mediumship is probably what Jesus employed in his healing work, and his other miracles would simply be the apporting of objects, food and drink and so forth. Wonderful though these stories are, they can be understood and accepted more meaningfully as demonstrations of good mediumship rather than as divine miracles. To manufacture a new religion, centuries later, the stories had to be inflated to mythic proportions to astonish and create true believers. Also, the trouble with the New Testament is that the books that have been selected and which survived, are not first-hand eye-witness accounts. We have similar problems in obtaining any actual historical accounts at all about Pythagoras, Socrates, Lao Tse and many others of the early prophets, healers and mystics. So it is well worth preserving what actual eye-witness accounts we have in modern times of such mediumship demonstrating contact with the spirit world. This is why I am going to some lengths here to record as much as possible for future preservation. This is why I deplore the giving away and selling off by Stansted Hall and the Society for Psychical Research of some the archives from the Spiritualist journals of the 19th Century, containing eye-witness accounts of the mediums operating at the time. Who knows if the purchasers will preseve or publish these documents. At the moment, one purchaser is not allowing a historian to copy them.

Then again modern science may have new ways of describing and explaining away these phenomena, but that doesn’t concern me. These phenomena provide proof of a wider world of spirit beyond matter and the senses, an eternal existence within which our personal individuality will survive. Technology comes and goes, and we live on top of layers of remnants from previous societies and civilisations as our archeologists and "Time Teams" show us. What really matters is the state of our mind and spirit. .

First of all, here is an excerpt from an article appearing in The Two Worlds magazine for 24th November, 1939.

One of the most valuable phases of mediumship is that of healing the sick, and I would like to relate some of the remarkable cures which are being effected through the mediumship of Mrs. Northage, of Bulwell [a district in North-West Nottingham.] Some months ago a healing centre was established at her home, and this is being conducted in the true spirit of helpfulness, no charge being made, though patients and friends are at liberty to contribute to a collection.

There are several healers working with Mrs. Northage, under the supervision and instruction of Dr. Reynolds, the guide of the medium..Most of the cases treated have been considered difficult; in fact, some have been declared incurable by the medical faculty.

One case concerns a lady of some thirty years of age, who has been a cripple since birth. Numerous operations have been performed, but she has been unable at any time to stand without support. She is now able to stand alone for 10 minutes, whilst her friends look on in amazement. (She is now back in business, 1950).

Another patient has had removed a cancer of long standing. Another case was one of pregnancy, quite an abnormal case, which has baffled the doctors. She had been ordered to hospital for examination. Mrs. Northage's guide Dr. Reynolds, was told of the case and promised to visit her personally and perform a spiritual operation, after which he intimated that when she went to the hospital the authorities would wonder why she had come, since everything would be found to be normal. I personally accompanied her to the hospital some days later, and after examination the medical man declared her perfectly normal, and wondered why she had been sent to the hospital.

One of the unique features of this circle is that Mrs. Northage's guide, Dr. Reynolds, speaks to his healers and patients by the direct voice, through the trumpet, after each sitting. He will often talk for half an hour, the sitters asking questions, to which he replies freely. He will diagnose each case and give details as to its exact nature and treatment, though he is cautious if the patient is personally present. Further, Dr. Reynolds apports pills, tablets, liquid medicine and details of prescriptions to be made up, and in every case he is careful to give instructions as to their use.

At times, Dr. Reynolds will request a special sitting with the healers and will give in detail a diagnosis of the case under treatment, and careful instructions for treating it.

When tablets or pills are brought the Doctor himself places them in the hands of the healers, and they claim that they are able to feel his materialised hands in solid form. Generally the objects apported are quite warm, and we are instructed to allow them to cool before consumption. As each separate lot is brought, the doctor states definitely the name of the patient for whom they are intended. Thirty to forty pills or tablets are usually brought for each patient.

When liquid is brought, it is poured into a vessel, and handed to sitters in the circle to place in safety. One has only to converse with the patients at this centre to be assured of remarkable evidence concerning the work being done.

The phenomena occurring through this medium are varied and remarkable, and include materialisation, apports, trance speaking, direct voice, etc., and the way in which they are all co-ordinated is remarkable. D.M. Antliff.

[Before reviewing more cases of healing, I am going to present Isa's own notes on the subject of healing, published in 1960. R.R.]


by Isa A. Northage

The mediumship of healing is one that is seldom thoroughly understood, often grossly abused, and generally the most difficult to develop. It requires a great deal of patience and an immense amount of faith, determination, and confidence. Success will ultimately be achieved if these requirements are fulfilled, and the following explanation is a brief guide to those whose ambition it is to become used to exercise the most divine of all the gifts of God.

To deal with this subject in its many phases and aspects would require volumes, because to describe God – the purpose of our being – and to understand something of human nature would need a deep study of the various sciences of life, so it is only possible here to give a brief but general survey of this form of mediumship.

The greatest Healer the world has perhaps ever known was also a great Teacher, yet he taught the simple laws of life, at the same time demonstrating the power of the spirit, so that a simple survey of the subject will suffice to help any who are entrusted with the power to heal, in their development.


The source of the power that heals is God. Not a supreme being who sits upon a throne somewhere in the heights of the world of ether and surveys and rules over heaven and earth as portrayed by some people, but a cosmic energy, the energy of life that vibrates in all things created, so it can be truly and briefly described as a vibration.

Everything that has life pulsates or vibrates with its own energy; no form of life is still. There is a spiritual counterpart of every form of life on the physical plane, and its energy is spirit. It is the spirit or life energy of man that causes the physical body to function, for it is but the temporary home of the spirit, through which he can express himself while on earth When any part thereof becomes affected by sickness or disease, the spirit cannot make proper us of it, and as it becomes out of tune with its spiritual counterpart, it does not vibrate correctly and keep in poise. If this becomes chronic and general, the spirit, finding the body of no further use, leaves it, and the body then becomes lifeless and that which is known as death takes place. When it is not general, but just organic or a weakness of certain parts, this can be adjusted in several ways. In the case of temporary sickness, health is often restored by supplying certain minerals from the earth which bukld up the physical body, i.e. physician’s medicine. In the case of organic diseases, etc., the affected part can be entirely removed and the body continue to be used. Sometimes both these remedies fail, and sometimes either or both are not practicable. The body is then in a state of disorder, and the spirit of the person is called upon to bear the pain and discomforts of the frame it is using. If the person understands this and is willing, the cosmic ray or life energy (healing power) can be applied to the spiritual counterpart of the body (aura) which reinforces it to such an extent that it can make the affected part vibrate at the correct rate and so restore lost health. This is called Aura Healing. If the person does not understand sufficiently to permit this to be done, the life-giving energy can be applied to the physical body direct through the hands of a healing medium. This is known as the laying on of hands, the most popular form of healing. When this takes place, the energy directed through the hands of the medium passes through the affected part of the body and re-energises it. Poisonous matter, germs, etc., cannot live in such a high vibration as that of the energy or power, any more than the physical eyes can continue to stare at the blazing sunlight, and so it becomes burnt up and dispersed, leaving freedom from affliction. This power or energy is of the spirit, the source of which is the Creator “ God “ which is in all life, created from the fountain of life. God, the, will be found to be the essence of the spiri: in the higher vibrations of life more powerful and energetic, and in the lesser form in the lower vibrations: from the highest intelligence of man, to the lowest form of mineral and vegetable matter.

[to be continued]

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Dennis Greatbatch said:

Is t Pinewoods Church in the grounds of Newstead Abbey in which isa Northage conducted her healing sessions still there . If it is I would like to make a visit
Wed,14 Jan 2015,18:16:34 GMT

isabel watson said:

Isa Northage was a cousin of my mother. Her mother lived in northumberland. I can remember her living in Harbottle Northumberland with her husband.
Thu,01 May 2014,19:08:35 GMT

Karl said:

Dear Richard Rowley,
fascinating to read your article above.
To find out more, might I suggest you try and visit the lovely people at Isa's church in Nottingham. They still have Sunday services (around 6.30pm start, I believe.) & many of the original apports are on display, within the tiny church... :-)
Wed,20 Feb 2013,15:45:15 GMT

Ann Harrison said:

The book about Isa's work 'A Path Prepared' by Allan Macdonald is now back in print and should be up on amazon very shortly but if you want a copy more quickly contact me website and I can supply it directly.
It is the original book plus a new Foreword from Isa's daughter Nina and an extra photo of Isa standing in front of the finished brick church.
Sun,08 Apr 2012,20:30:58 GMT

Richard Rowley said:

Thank you, Christine Carlin. Do you have Isa Northage's daughter's name and current address or e-mail, so that I can contact her further about her mother and her work. It would be really interesting to fill in more details about her, to expand the information given in "A Path Prepared" Many thanks. Best regards Richard Rowley
Sat,24 Mar 2012,14:23:11 GMT

Christine Carlin said:

If you are actually writing a biography you should contact Isa Northage's daughter, who lives in America. I am the granddaughter. Mark who is my second cousin twice removed (I think) has given you corrrect inforamtion.
Fri,23 Mar 2012,19:58:02 GMT

Richard Rowley said:

Corrigendum. Isa Northage lived in Northumberland as well as well as running her healing sanctuary in Northw-West Nottingham. We are contuining to investigate further details of her biography for future publication. Richard Rowley
Fri,06 Jan 2012,18:27:17 GMT

Richard Rowley said:

Thanks for the correction, Mark. I will make a note of that and redraft the information when I next write about Isa. It is good to hear from the family of the medium.

With best wishes and a Happy New Year. Richard Rowley
Sat,31 Dec 2011,15:49:43 GMT

mark phillips said:

Just a slight correction to the above concerning isa northage.She did not live all her life in or around Nottingham.She was born in holywell northumberland and moved to Nottingham to set up the pinewoods church in newstead abbey a little later in life.i dont know the exact dates but it is in a book written about her called a path prepared(from which i belive comes the published notes above).She spent a great part of her later life living in rothbury northumberland where i can remember visiting her as a child.I know this as she was my great aunt.
Thu,29 Dec 2011,17:54:44 GMT
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