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Science meets Spirituality

By:Sharon Milne Barbour
Date: Sun,28 Jan 2024
Submitter:Bengalrose healing

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Humanity is currently undergoing a transformative shift into what can be referred to as the Quantum Age. Have you had the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the concept of the Quantum Domain? And if so, do you truly comprehend its profound implications for humanity? In this enlightening article, graciously channeled by Sharon's celestial guides, we endeavour to shed light on this captivating subject matter.

The quantum domain is an energy field of creation that holds everything in the universe together. It is a vast and boundless realm, characterised by its profound silence and infinite nature. Within this expansive space, there exists a pure vibration, a resounding pulse filled with love and profound intelligence. It is within this subtle vibration that the quantum journey begins, giving rise to consciousness in humanity and nurturing the existence of creative intelligence. In the realm of quantum physics, the quantum domain emerges as a fundamental force that unifies the fabric of your universe. It is an intricate tapestry woven with energy, connecting every particle, every atom, and every living being. This energy field, with its ethereal silence and limitless expanse, holds the key to understanding the mysteries of your existence.

At the heart of this enigmatic domain lies a pure vibration, a symphony of energy that reverberates throughout the cosmos. This resounding pulse carries within it a profound intelligence, a wisdom that transcends your limited human understanding. It is this subtle yet powerful vibration that sets in motion the quantum journey, a transformative path that awakens consciousness within you. Through this journey, you embark on a profound exploration of your own being, delving into the depths of your consciousness and unravelling the mysteries of creation. It is within the quantum domain that we discover the essence of your existence, the very fabric of your being. This realm nurtures the growth of creative intelligence, allowing us to tap into the wellspring of inspiration and innovation.

As human beings, you possess two distinct bodies: the physical body, which is perceivable by your senses, and the ethereal body, often referred to as the quantum body by scientists. The quantum body eludes the grasp of your human eyes, residing instead within the interconnected invisible quantum domain of the universe. This domain often eludes those that exist in the Earths three-dimensional energy. The quantum domain serves as a conduit, bestowing upon you enlightening experiences that transcend the boundaries of your existence, traversing through various dimensional layers.

When human individuals embark on a spiritual journey, they often describe the energy they encounter as ethereal, filled with love and light, existing in higher dimensions, originating from a divine source, or as the life force or soul energy. These terms, such as God, heaven, or divine, are commonly employed by humans to convey an understanding of something greater than yourself. Additionally, the word ‘Quantum’ is often utilised to substantiate the existence of a universal consciousness, a creation from the tiniest dot of existence. It is important to note that these descriptions of the quantum domain are not mere word games, but rather alternative means to persuade humanity of the presence of a universal consciousness that is the spark of creation itself. The words ‘Quantum Age’ is another creative intelligent way of communicating this to you.

Humanity encompasses a vast spectrum of individuals and languages, spanning from humble farmers to brilliant scientists who pioneer the development of rockets to propel you into space. The utilisation of diverse terminology in both scientific and spiritual realms serves to evoke distinct levels of energy, thereby facilitating comprehension across all facets of human existence. The ground-breaking discovery of quantum particles and the subsequent advancements achieved by scientists marked a pivotal moment, igniting their curiosity to delve even deeper into the mysteries of the universe, as they found themselves increasingly bewildered by its intricacies. Similarly, individuals embarking on a spiritual journey also seek to unravel the enigmatic spiritual language that binds humanity together.

In your ever-evolving world, the coexistence of scientific and spiritual pursuits has become paramount. The intricate web of knowledge weaves together the empirical and the ethereal, allowing you to grasp the profound interconnectedness of your existence. From the humblest of origins to the most awe-inspiring scientific achievements, humanity's collective journey is a testament to your insatiable thirst for understanding.

The scientific community, driven by an insatiable curiosity, has propelled you forward through countless discoveries and technological advancements. The revelation of quantum particles, with their mind-boggling properties, served as a catalyst for scientists to question the very fabric of reality. As they delved deeper into the subatomic realm, they found themselves confronted with a universe that defied 3D conventional logic, leaving them both perplexed and captivated. Simultaneously, those embarking on a spiritual quest find themselves grappling with the profound mysteries of existence. Seeking to decipher the spiritual language that resonates within you all, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Through introspection and contemplation, they strive to unlock the secrets of the human spirit, forging a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. In this grand tapestry of human experience, the utilisation of diverse languages, both scientific and spiritual, serves as a bridge that spans the gaps between different realms of knowledge.

The ethereal body we have mentioned, also known as the quantum body, is a concept that encompasses the energy field responsible for holding the physical form together. While it can remain unseen to the human eye, it occasionally manifests itself as the human aura seen by elevated light workers. As humans, you are aware of your five senses, but there exists a sixth sense, an inner knowing that eludes visual perception. This connection originates from a higher self level of the soul higher self connection, intricately linked to human consciousness. When nurtured, this connection allows you to tap into the higher dimensions and your quantum body and access the creative intelligence of the universe.

It is crucial to recognise that your physical body, the one you observe in your reflection, cannot exist independently without the support of your ethereal quantum body. This ethereal body plays a vital role in shaping your life experiences and emotions, contributing to your overall sense of existence. The creative intelligence that permeates every fibre of your being extends beyond the physical you, influencing the world you perceive. Your lives are composed of a series of moments, each building upon the next. Within these moments, thousands of human cells undergo constant transformation, resulting in an ever shifting and evolving state of being. By nurturing your connection to this quantum energy, you gain access to the boundless creative intelligence of the universe. It is through this understanding that you can appreciate the continuous transformation and fluidity of your existence.

How can you discern your true essence amidst the ever-changing reality you inhabit? In the realm of your three-dimensional existence, such contemplation rarely occupies your day-to-day thoughts. Instead, you find yourself engrossed in the task of constructing your own three-dimensional reality, a process that can overwhelm many, leading to physical and mental ailments. However, take a moment to reflect: your quantum ethereal body, originating from the source of creation in the quantum domain, is inherently flawless. Within this ethereal quantum body lies the wisdom acquired through countless journeys and the knowledge gained along the way. When we speak of discovering your true self, this is precisely what we refer to. From your physical form in the three-dimensional realm, you must navigate your way towards comprehending the quantum domain and the creative intelligence that emanates from its very core. This can be achieved by cultivating a healthy, high-vibrational physical state through practices such as Deep Core Healing, meditation, mindfulness, and establishing healthy boundaries in your life. Always remember, you possess the power to shape your own destiny as the creator of your own existence. We, your guides, and higher self’s, are here to assist you on this transformative journey. Existing across multiple dimensions of the universe, we possess a profound understanding of the quantum domain, the wellspring of creation.

The concept we are referring here to is the quantum nature of the human body's ability to self-create and self-heal. An intriguing example of this intelligence can be observed in the human embryo, which possesses an innate understanding of how to generate and divide cells. At the cellular level, DNA orchestrates the creation of physical attributes and personality traits, among other characteristics. Remarkably, cells and molecules possess a distinct sense of identity. A kidney cell, for instance, recognises its unique role and distinguishes itself from a gallbladder cell. While lacking human emotions, these cells possess an inherent intelligence that guides them towards fulfilling their purpose. Once a kidney is formed, its cells possess the knowledge to continuously regenerate, ensuring the organ's proper functioning within the human body. Their survival is crucial in order to carry out their vital role in the intricate human ecosystem.
A well-functioning human body possesses a clear and uninterrupted flow of energy from the universal source. When a human being falls ill, it is not the fault of the quantum domain, but rather a result of the human individual's own actions. Living in a challenging reality often leads to stress and anxiety, which accumulate as heavy energy within the body, subsequently obstructing the natural flow of life-giving energy from creation. Although the current Earth reality does encompass love, compassion, and kindness, there are also energies such as fear, hate, negativity, and self-doubt that hinder personal growth and evolution. However, it is crucial to understand that the quantum creative intelligence never abandons individuals who have given up on themselves and others. It is important to note that the quantum creative intelligence is incapable of causing harm.

We present to you an exemplary demonstration of scientific progress. It is intriguing to note that some of Earth's scientists have made a discovery regarding an additional energy field within the human body, which they have aptly named "Interoception." This energy operates at a subconscious level, transmitting signals to both the brain and the senses, thereby establishing a profound connection with the ethereal quantum body. While interoception may be less familiar than the outward-facing senses such as sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, its implications for your overall well-being are immense.

Scientific research has demonstrated that your sensitivity to interoceptive signals plays a pivotal role in regulating your emotions and determining your susceptibility to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. When a human perceives changes in their physical state, a complex amalgamation of emotions arises, encompassing feelings such as nervousness, anxiety, and even love. The human mind then discerns and interprets these emotions, resulting in a truly unique human experience. Positive emotions possess the power to elevate an individual, while negative emotions, as you may have already surmised, can lead to illness. The transmission of these signals occurs through meridian points and chakras, intricately positioned throughout the body's intricate system. These invisible energy pathways facilitate the flow of interoceptive signals, allowing for a harmonious balance between the physical and ethereal aspects of human existence.

These imperceptible interoception networks are intricately connected to the quantum ethereal body and domain. They represent unseen energy centres within the body, which many holistic healers are guided to cleanse and unblock during their healing sessions. Additionally, signals from internal organs, including the cardiovascular system, lungs, gut, bladder, and kidneys, engage in constant communication dialogue with the brain and the visceral parts of the body. Much of the processing of these signals occurs below conscious awareness. For example, you may not be aware of the automatic feedback between the brain and body that helps regulate your blood pressure or the signals that stabilise your blood sugar levels. However, certain sensations, such as muscle tension, stomach clenching, or heart palpitations, are be accessible to the conscious mind. The way you perceive and interpret these feelings will significantly impact your overall well-being.

We strongly encourage you to explore the wealth of knowledge from ancient Earth civilisations, who tapped into ethereal pathways to maintain their self-cleansing and well-being. Although they may not have fully comprehended the intricacies of these processes, the undeniable healing effects on the human body were enough to instil trust. In this new quantum age, we are witnessing a resurgence of these ancient practices within humanity's holistic healing approaches. They have never truly departed from your Earth; rather, they have patiently awaited within the creative intelligence energy to be reignited by humanity. Allow me to share a secret with you: the guardians of Earths meticulous planning for this quantum age have spanned over 70 Earth years, one of our plans to revisit the ancient Earth Celestial healing knowledge that had been forgotten by humanity.

This source of energy, which sustains life, plays a pivotal role in shaping every remarkable experience you encounter. If you aspire to lead an extraordinary life filled with health and happiness, this quantum energy possesses the power to manifest it. To achieve this it is crucial to collaborate with this quantum ally. All the necessary tools lie within the realm of quantum creative intelligence, and to access it, you must embrace the tranquillity of meditation and mindfulness. By calming the mind and focusing on the present moment, you can detach yourselves from past and future worries. In your self-made bustling 3D reality, you often fail to fully perceive and absorb the true essence of your surroundings. Your perception of reality is limited to the busy daily connections you make in you’re three-dimensional world. However, when you take a moment to still your minds, the vibrations within your bodies undergo a positive transformation. This allows your body and mind to elevate to a higher level of fourth to fifth-dimensional energy, enabling you to connect with the quantum energies that created you. This quantum vibration then opens up new pathways of positive change within your minds, which ultimately reflects in your physical form. Thus, by attuning yourselves to these quantum energies during meditation, you can harness their benefits and enhance your well-being.

In our spiritual books, which we have channeled, we often discuss the concept of your inner light - a radiant beacon that resides within every human being. This light represents the quantum creative intelligence, a profound force that can be enhanced through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, self-healing, and the pursuit of a more spiritually fulfilling existence. As you embark on this journey, your inner light will shine brighter, illuminating your path. Humanity is gradually awakening to the realisation that embracing this transformation will bring them closer to the universal source of creation - the quantum domain. This realm of infinite possibilities is always attuned to your presence, constantly aware of your existence. By accepting and actively seeking connection with this profound intelligence, you will open yourself up to a myriad of extraordinary experiences. We firmly believe that one day, humanity will fully embrace the knowledge and wisdom that the quantum domain has to offer. It is a realm of boundless potential, waiting to be explored and understood. As you continue to evolve, we are confident that the revelations and insights from this extraordinary source will guide you towards a brighter future.

We understand that you may be wondering how you can achieve this. However, it is important to remember that throughout this evolutionary process, you are not alone. Reach out to your celestial guides for healing and guidance, and trust in their ability to assist you in reconnecting with the quantum source of creation. There exist numerous of celestial beings that we refer to as multidimensional transitional physical or light beings. These celestial beings inhabit the fifth to twelfth dimensional energies and possess significantly longer lifespans compared to Earth humans. Among them, the overseers of the universe stand as the most enduring beings in existence. You might ponder whether they are infinite beings akin to your perception of God, but in truth, only the quantum domain holds that distinction. This silent, ever-evolving energy perpetually grows and evolves, its intelligent vibration expanding ceaselessly as it acquires knowledge.

The convergence of human science and spirituality is ushering in a new era of human evolution. Over a fairly short period of time, humanity has taken a significant leap towards unravelling the mysteries of the quantum domain. However, it is important to acknowledge that life on Earth has always been intricately connected to the quantum domain; you were simply awaiting the commencement of this evolutionary journey. The rational minds of human scientists must now embrace the notion that there exists a vast realm beyond the limitations of human perception. The antiquated scientific perspective, which asserts that if something cannot be seen, it does not exist, no longer holds true. While these logical minds have undoubtedly propelled humanity forward in terms of technological advancements and understanding, the time has come for a paradigm shift. It is imperative to break free from the confines of conventional thinking and explore new horizons.

We believe that accepting the coexistence of two realities is not as daunting as it may initially seem. However, it is undeniable that such acceptance will undoubtedly disrupt the very fabric of your world. The repercussions will be far-reaching, leading to a complete overhaul of scientific knowledge and a profound transformation of religious beliefs. The world, as you know it, will be shaken to its core. This is precisely why we are gradually imparting this knowledge to humanity through various communication methods. We understand the magnitude of the impact it will have and the need for a gradual assimilation of these profound truths. Our intention is to guide humanity through this transformative process, ensuring that the shockwaves are navigated with wisdom and understanding.

As human science and spirituality converge, maintaining a state of calmness becomes crucial in order to allow the quantum creative intelligence to operate effectively. These enlightening moments occur when your human minds are fully present in the current moment, enabling the free flow of transformative ideas and providing clear answers to your questions. The knowledge bestowed upon you by the creative intelligence is always intended for the betterment of all humanity. However, it is important to acknowledge that your interpretation of this knowledge is influenced by your limited understanding within the confines of your three-dimensional reality. Consequently, your perception of reality may sometimes lead you to misinterpret these novel concepts.

One example that illustrates this concept is the understanding of nuclear energy and the development of the atom bomb. Originally, this ground-breaking nuclear knowledge was not intended for destructive purposes. It’s true purpose was to enable humanity and Mother Earth to flourish by harnessing a new energy source, thereby reducing your reliance on Earth's finite natural resources, so you protect your Mother Earth. Regrettably, as history has shown, this noble intention backfired, it did lead to the creation of nuclear energy plants BUT also the devastating atom bomb.

We have in the past often underestimated how the human mind possesses the remarkable ability to take a positive pure idea and transform it into something that can wreak havoc. Consequently, the celestial guardians of Earth closely monitor what humanity is capable of extracting from the vast well of quantum creative intelligence. Only when humanity undergoes a transformative change and ascends to a higher level of consciousness will you be entrusted with more profound knowledge. Please do not allow this realisation to make you feel inadequate. On the contrary, your growing understanding of the universe fills us with hope. Each step you take towards unravelling the mysteries of the source of creation brings you closer to a brighter future.

The celestial guardians of Earth often engage in discussions about ascension and evolution, recognising that ascension will pave the way for evolution and this is no different for Earth. You currently stand at the precipice of your next evolutional step, awaiting the moment to leap off the solid cliff into the vast unknown. This unknown realm has always been an integral part of your being, a realm of quantum creative intelligence. However, you find yourself grappling with the question of who created the universe and humanity. Is there a divine entity, a God, that millions of human’s worships? The human tendency is to assign human-like characteristics to the unknown, exemplified by the concepts of God and angels. For humanity to truly evolve, it is imperative to remove these anthropomorphic images from your educational systems and society. This transformation will occur when you gain a deeper understanding of the universal quantum domain. Such an understanding will foster a greater sense of interconnectedness among humanity, leading to a profound shift in your collective consciousness. While you must not forget the lessons and experiences accumulated over centuries, they will be reshaped as a part of your history, serving as catalysts for positive change. Once quantum evolution takes place, humanity will embark on a new chapter, characterised by a truthful and authentic narrative. This emergence will shape the quantum age future of humanity, offering a fresh perspective and a shared history of genuine experiences.

When you embark on the next evolutionary phase, a remarkable transformation will unfold, elevating the Earth to a higher vibrational state. This pivotal moment will witness the convergence of science and spirituality, birthing a new reality steeped in truth. No longer will you be left to ponder the age-old question, "If a leaf falls in the forest and no one witnesses it, did it truly happen?" Instead, your minds, physical bodies, and ethereal being will harmonise with the world around you, enabling you to perceive and comprehend such occurrences. As the leaf gracefully descends, it finds solace upon the forest floor, tangible and within your grasp. You can touch it, see it, smell its earthy fragrance, hear its gentle crunch as you hold it in your hands, and feel the energy it emanates - a profound intelligence encapsulated within its very physical essence. This heightened awareness will transcend the confines of linear time, granting you the ability to perceive beyond fleeting moments. Your conscious minds will forge telepathic connections with the boundless energies that permeate the Earth, enabling you to experience the quantum vibrations of intelligence. In this profound union, the Earth will unveil its long-held secrets, revealing its rich history and the undeniable truths of its past within the realm of quantum evolution.

As you embark on your journey of ascension, a remarkable transformation awaits you. Your five human senses will undergo a profound elevation, granting you an enhanced connection and a newfound perception of the world around you. Allow us to illustrate this concept further. Currently, your vision is confined within certain limitations. However, through the process of evolution and expanding your conscious mind, your physical being will transcend its current state and venture into the realm of the quantum. As a result, your physical eyes will undergo a remarkable evolution, enabling you to perceive the existence that lies beyond the confines of your three-dimensional reality. Also in this discussion, we will shed light on the concept of the human spiritual third eye. the spiritual third eye represents a profound aspect of our being, serving as a conduit to the quantum domain and facilitating your spiritual journey. By acknowledging and nurturing this inner flame, human individuals can unlock a deeper connection with their guides and higher self, enabling them to traverse the spiritual path with clarity, purpose, and enlightenment.

It is understandable that you may find solace within the safety of your 3D cocoon, believing that you have a firm grasp on your identity and reality. Yet niggling way down in your soul level, subconscious and DNA is questions that need to be answered. Remember, the truth is that you have yet to truly discover who you are, and the world in which you reside is fraught with numerous of threats. It is through the path of ascension and evolution that you will unravel the depths of your true self and manifest a reality that humanity has long yearned for – a reality that is secure and nurturing.

The transformation of humanity necessitates taking small steps, yet it is crucial to recognise that an infinite existence is intertwined with each and every one of you, shaping your future. Attempting to comprehend the concept of infinity proves challenging, as its true essence eludes verbal description. However, the quantum creative intelligence ignites boundless possibilities, of which you, as human individuals, are an integral part. The ascension we speak of promises to unlock these infinite possibilities. To illustrate this, consider the Earth realm of mathematics, where infinite equations exist. Numbers can perpetually evolve, ceaselessly expanding—129870000567839764592176879009088865455534333212098987654345... Now, close your eyes and envision a tranquil pond. Imagine casting a stone into it, witnessing the ripples reverberate across the water's surface. Hold onto this image, and envision those ripples extending beyond the pond, traversing Earth's atmosphere, venturing through the solar system, the Milky Way, and ultimately merging with the conscious energy of the infinite quantum universe.

The quantum source is infinite and in a constant state of evolution, and it is our utmost desire for humanity to embrace this profound phenomenon. If only you could modify your ways, take a moment to pause, and embrace a more collective and harmonious existence. By doing so, you would unlock the boundless potential of quantum evolution. We are fully aware that one day, all of humanity will consciously choose to establish positive habits and healthy boundaries that will facilitate their own growth and development. We have diligently worked towards initiating this next phase of your evolution through the recent awakening period triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, which signifies the dawn of the quantum age. It is now your responsibility, and your fellow humanity, to take the necessary steps to evolve into the creators you truly deserve to be.

Please take a moment to fully embrace this knowledge, as we are confident it will deeply resonate with your human essence and at a soul level. Rest assured that as your beloved Earth undergoes this profound transition, we will unwaveringly support you throughout the entire journey.

Welcome to the Quantum Age, where you are invited to embrace the multitude of positive experiences and embrace the new positive reality it will bring for all of humanity.

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