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Cases of Spirit and Distant Healing Part 29 Ias Northage and mediumship (continued) different proce

By:Isa Northage
Date: Fri,06 May 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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When spirit doctors work with a medium there seem to be four types of procedure. The way Edgar Cayce worked was to lie down or recline and go into trance, and dictate remedies to his secretary, who then passed them on the the clients. The second way is to go into trance, like Tom Pilgrim, Arigo. or George Chapman and let the spirit doctor take over the body of the medium, and work on the patient, practising psychic surgery as well as prescribing and advising. The third way is for physical mediums. The medium may go into trance, or stay awake as the spirit doctor fully materialises, and in the presence of the medium, patient and other sitters, carries out the psychic surgery. This is a rarer form of spirit healing, since such a medium is hard to find. Isa Northage was one such, and this series continues with more examples of her work. The fourth procedure is for the spiriti doctors to assist in distant healing when and where they can, without materialising, and as the medium or group, as our healing group, prays for a patient living elsewhere (anywhere in the world, or even living in the spirit world) the spirit doctors and assistants will go to that person, then and at other times as needed, and help with the healing process, if that is at all possible. The spirits will usually assess the situation, and tell the medium if nothing can be done - in cases where the disease is too advanced for medical or spiritual treatments, or if the physical body has deteriorated too much due to physical, mental or addictive abuse (drugs or alcohol). R.R.

Isa Northage's Brief Guide to Spiritual Healing. The Medium (continued).

It will now be realised what an important part the medium plays in the exercising of a divine gift, and it will also be seen how wisely and justly the laws of God (or in other words, Spirititual laws) operate: for it will be apparent that only those fit to heal, CAN heal and that a divine gift cannot be operated by those who are incompetent.

Many attempt to heal and many attempt to exercise the gift, but to what extent they succeed can only be judged by the results. They who would do the work of Christ [or spirit] must first learn to live the life of Christ [according to spirit law], not in the literal sense, of course, but by taking his [or their] principles as their example, and living their lives accordingly. [Isa was a dedicated Christian Spiritual healer, while this type of healing belongs to the whole human race, regardless of race, creed or culture, so I would prefer to open up borders, rather than exclude any good work because it comes from one sect or branch of one particular religion. R.R.]

A medium should not only possess all the finer human qualities but should exercise them always in every direction, so that only what is highest and most perfect in their nature shall be revealed and expressed.

Man's character is revealed in his aura. Quality of character is shown by the colours in the aura, and each colour denotes the various qualities in his character. Not only is the strength of the power an essentioal factor in the success of healing, but its quality also, for the higher this is, the deeper does it penetrate.

To cause your light to shine before men, or to increase one's spirituality should be the first step in one's development and should be one's general practice throughout development, and in fact, always [thereafter]. Many attempts may be made and often we may seem to fail, but never should we lose heart or faith but try again and again until at last we manage to conquer ourselves.

Let us study ourselves while alone with our own conscience, listen to its voice, and learn the truth about ourselves; our weaknmesses, imperfections of nature and character, weakness in overcoming temptation, bad habits, etc. Let us unashamedly see ourselves as we really are, and then put forth a great effort to cleanse ourselves of our impurities of mind, instability of character, etc. Be determined to cultivate sympathy, tolerance, patience, understanding, charitable thoughts and actions only, and, in brief, attempt to live as clean and as perfect a life as Jesus Christ did. Many times we may possibly slip back, but one can always go forward again and refuse to give up. Perhaps conditions around us may be trying and irritating, but we must remember to be tolerant, and not permit ourselves to be affected in any way by the actions, speech or thoughts of others.

Prayer will play an immensely important part in our progress, because when one prays, the mind is lifted to a higher plane of thought where the finer qualities of our nature can express themselves. This upliftng of ourselves can be achieved only by us, aided by our spiritual helpers, who know the desires of our hearts.

Isa Northage (1960) To be continued.


The Two Worlds. By the Editor. 24th June, 1949.

This is a story without parallel. It is the story of a highly skilled man [Dr. Reynolds] who passed from this life over one hundred years ago, and who has been in the habit for several years now, of returning to earth again, assuming a physical form and continuing the kind of work he used to do when on earth. This work is not ordinary labour, but consists of performing skilled operations upon the bodies of patients who have been abandoned as hopeless by the medical profession. He is able to do this astonishing work through the physical mediumship of Mrs. Isa Northage.

On the 11th of March we published an account of how Dr. Reynolds lifted a bone from the patient, without using any instruments or anaesthetic. It was the convincing testimony of the patient concerned who, after many years of agony has since had no further trouble with this complaint.

On May 21st, I was privileged to witness, in Mrs. Northage's operating theatre, two further amazing operations by Dr. Reynolds and the following is a plain statement of facts concerning the proceedings.

On arrival at her home I was introduced to Mr. Newman, a tall, and well built gentleman from Northumberland, who was assisting Mrs. Northage for a few weeks in gratitude for his own sensational recovery.

He had been discharged from the Services with an acute duodenal ulcer, his weight had been reduced from thirteen stone to nine and a half stone, his stomach could not retain the smallest portion of food and he was rapidly wasting away, when a friend took him to see Mrs. Northage.

Mr Newman was operated upon in September, 1948, and today he has regained his former weight, is happy, healthy and has been able to find employment once more. After hearing this further testimony of the genuineness of Dr. Reynolds' work (there are dozens of such cases), a small party of eight, including Mrs. Northage, assembled around the operating table in the wooden building used for this purpose in her garden.

Mr. Stocks her secretary opened in prayer after the electric light had been switched off and the door secured. Mrs. Northage was now entranced in the cabinet and after a verse of a hymn had been sung, Ellen Dawes, a young spirit girl, picked up the trumpet and said that she had been sent to examine and test conditions.

After the trumpet had been lowered, Dr. Reynolds' materialised form appeared and was first discernible as a black silhouette against the red glow from the lamp on a trolley on which were laid forceps, two red electric torches [flashlights], one white electric torch and two luminous plaques.

Picking up one of these torches Mr. Reynolds switched it on and turned towards the operating table on which lay a patient suffering from an acute duodenal ulcer.

He greeted everyone present, and as he did so his face and ectoplasmic draperies were visible to us. He was of average height and shorter than Mrs. Northage.

I was standing immediately opposite to him on the other side of the patient and was able to follow, very closely, the whole proceedings. As two of the party were not wearing masks Dr. Reynolds insisted that we should have these fitted before he commenced the operation. He handed mine to me personally and told me to put it on and watch closely. We had met before at a previous seance, and so we held a brief conversation before he commenced.

Dr. Reynolds then prepared the patient, placing a collection of cotton wool swabs on his abdomen and reassured him that he would feel no pain whatsoever. No anaesthetic was used. The doctor then said he would freeze the portion of the body to be operated upon and then pass his hand, which would become dematerialised, into the side of the body and remove the ulcer. His hands moved to the side of the body and as he did so he asked the patient if he felt any pain. The patient replied in the negative.

Then I heard a gurgling sound like the passage of wind inside the body. At this stage Dr. Reynolds paused and said that the ulcer was in a very bad condition and would not come away in a whole piece and that he was afraid of haemorrhage.

This was apparently overcome and the portions of ulcer brought through what Dr. Reynolds described as a temporary opening in the abdomen, and placed on the swabs on the surface of the body. He next cleared an opening amongst the swabs and asked me to look down into it. It was difficult, however, in the red light to see anything very definite through this opening.

He then proceeded to remove some of the swabs with the forceps and placed them on a tray which was held by one of his assistants.

At this stage Mr. Reynolds told us that he was going to call in another doctor, Dr. West, from the Spirit World, to check up on the condition of the patient. After dematerialising he was soon followed by another spirit. Now whereas Dr. Reynolds has a comparatively large angular face, Dr. West's features were quite different, being smaller and more round. This difference was clearly noticeable when he appeared, because after examining the patient and approving what had taken place, he lifted one of the plaques and held it in front of himself, so that we could see his teatures and apparel. He was a smaller man than Dr. Reynolds.

After Dr. West had gone, the patient's deceased daughter, Miss Smith, materialised and came to speak to her father.

Mr. Smith raised his head, as his daughter greeted him. 'Hello Daddy, you are going to be all right now," she said, and after speaking a few words she was forced to return to the Spirit World as she was unable to sustain the materialised form for long. Before she returned she kissed her father and spoke to her mother who was also present.

Jim, Mr. Smith's son, likewise in spirit, also greeted his father and mother in the direct voice, with the aid of the trumpet. He told his father not to do any more dragging with the garden roller.

Then Dr. Reynolds returned once more to perform a second operation. This patient had recently had an accident in which the bone in his nose had splintered and had prevented him from breathing through h is nose. This time the spirit doctor picked up a white electric torch and for a few seconds we saw him in the full glare of white light. He next picked up a red torch and proceeded to examine the patient saying that he would dematerialise his hand, pass it through the back of his head, clean the bone and remove the splinters with a piece of lint.

Dr. Reynolds' hand was then seen to approach the back of the patient's head and apparently pass into it. When it was withdrawn his hand stretched out to place something in a second dish held by Mrs. Stenson, one of his assistants. Dr. Reynolds stated that he had collected three small pieces of bone.

Before leaving, Dr. Reynolds discussed another case which he had in hand, and asked Mr. Stocks to make arrangements for the next operation. After he had gone, Mrs. Northage's African guide asked me to look at the medium still in trance. The electric light was switched on and the guide continued to talk to me, through Mrs. Northage, as I was looking at her, sitting in the same position as at the commencement of the seance, her green dress, silk stockings, court shoes and her shock of curly hair still undisturbed.

Before the seance ended there were further manifestations, including three other doctors, who said that they had been watching the operations with great interest. Mrs. Stenson closed with prayer.

As soon as the seance ended Mrs. Difford, Dr. Reynolds' assistant, and I collected the two containers holding the used swabs, took them into a room in Mrs. Northage's house and with the aid of forceps salvaged the tissues and two pieces of bone, and immersed them in a bottle containg surgical spirit, throwing the bloodstained swabs into the fire.

Before leaving I interviewed both patients, the first stating that he felt quite well and had now no pain whatsover, whereas he was in great pain before the operation. The second patient testified to the fact that he could now breathe freely through his nose whereas this had been impossible since his accident.

A few days later I was fortunate in securing the sympathetic cooperation of one of the highest authorities in the medical prfession who promised to make an analysuis of the ulcer under the microscope in his laboratory.

His subsequent report was as follows:-

"It is an acute duodenal ulcer, contains Brunner's glands and shows from its condition that it was about to penetrate the intestine and would have proved fatal at a very early date."

He was surprised at the freshness of the tissue which was very soft, and also at the fact that there was no trace of modern surgical methods having been used in the operation. Naturally he was greatly puzzled by all the circumstances of the case.

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